Yate & Sodbury District

COVID-19 help & advice

This page contains the latest advice and help to support our Members in the Yate and Sodbury District.

From July 19th the Government has removed most of the legal restrictions it imposed to manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The key aspects of the situation are:

  • COVID-19 infections are high and increasing.
  • Most people who have received both vaccinations will be protected from serious ill health and death; but may suffer from some symptoms if they catch the virus.
  • The Government encourages us to continue using measures to suppress infections, notably wearing a mask in shops and indoor public areas, use sanitisers, maintain a social distance, use track & trace.
  • We should also continue to check for symptoms of COVID-19, isolate if you have symptoms or risk passing infection, get tested if suspect you haver symptoms. (note that it appears the Delta variant of the virus has somewhat different symptoms from earlier variants described on the NHS web site, see the Zoe Symptom Study web site).

This means most, if not all, u3a activities may now start again. Organisers should set up a risk assessment for their activity and where appropriate follow the guidance of any national activity organisations. Organisers should consider spacing during the activity and any precautions entering or leaving a venue. Group Coordinators are ready to help groups and leaders restart, see the Contact page.

We have now published local advice to group leaders and members on how to manage activities in a Covid-safe way when such activities are seen to be safe for our members. This is in our document Yate&Sodbury u3a advice on Covid-19 and is part of the Group Leaders Guidance listed on the Groups page on this website.

If you have any information you would like to share with other Members please contact the Web Editor or use the link at the top of the page.