Yate & Sodbury District

Covid-19 Emergency -- Advice and Help

This page contains the latest advice and help to support our Members in the Yate and Sodbury District.

A number of our groups are now meeting online, others have started face to face activity where the government regulations allow. This includes sports based groups as well as other practical activities. Please see individual group pages.

We will post advice on this page about restarting activities when the Government changes the lockdown policy.
We have now published local advice to group leaders and members on how to manage activities in a Covid-safe way when such activities are seen to be safe for our members. This is in our document Yate&Sodbury U3A advice on Covid-19 and is part of the Group Leaders Guidance listed on the Groups page on this website. Updated Covid-19 Advice and Guidance, 14th Sept, from the U3A trust is also available for groups thinking of starting up again.

Sources of help and information
South Glos Council have a lot of information see their Coronavirus (COVID-19) index page and for people in isolation, local help can be found on their Get help and support page.

The National U3A website has a number of pages providing pointers to help and advice:

  • Links to the organisations that can give you the latest official advice on the Covid-19 pandemic and what you should do in terms of health and allowable activities; including avoiding scams.
  • Tools and information for Keeping in Touch and staying connected with each other.
  • Links to guides to tools on the previous page that show you how to set up your chosen tool on your device or computer and use it to set up communication.

The National advice line is open on 020 8466 6139 if you cannot find what you are looking for on the website.

Jane Climpson has asked us to pass on details of a web page she has compiled summarising information sources about Covid-19 for her village website. The page is on the ‘Iron Acton Info’ website. Jane has also sent us the Actonians newsletter which is full of links to arts, drama, music and other things to do and watch.

If you have any information you would like to share with other Members please contact the Web Editor or use the link at the top of the page.