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Following the PM’s briefing today (16th March 2020) regarding the Covid-19 global pandemic the committee have decided that they have no alternative but to advise all group leaders to suspend their future group meetings until further notice.

The Monthly meeting is also cancelled until further notice.
We appreciate that this is upsetting but we are working in everyone’s best interests to try and keep everyone safe.

We will keep you informed as and when further information becomes available.

Stay safe!

Just a note from one of the Committee

If you are having to stay at home for the next few weeks this may be of help.

I have just received the vegetarian option box that Morrison have on offer (there is also a meat option) It cost a total of £35 including delivery. I am are pleased with the contents as you leave it rather to "pot-luck" as to what the box will contain. Briefly there was milk, bread, cheese, vegetables, pasta, rice, pasta sauces canned mixed beans, soup, Quorn products and, dare I mention, toilet rolls.