Members Noticeboard


This noticeboard is intended to be for U3A matters which may affect, or be of interest, to our members such as group or other notices. You may submit a request for a notice to be placed here by using the link to Website Support on the Contacts Page.

-Useful Links To INTERNAL Resources

1. Expenses Claim Form - use this form for reclaiming official expenses.

2. The Third Age Trust - the national body

-Useful Links To EXTERNAL Resources

1. Wymondham Stuff : Things happening in and around Wymondham.

2. Wymondham Magazine

3. South Norfolk Help Hub : What is the Help Hub?

Everybody needs a bit of extra support from time to time. The Help Hub is about making sure people get help as soon as possible if they begin to experience difficulties. Getting help early can stop problems from getting worse. It might be only a small problem, like a broken washing machine or feeling a little isolated, but if it’s difficult to find a solution straight away a small problem can grow and lead to more worries.
The Help Hub is a partnership between organisations that support people in South Norfolk and can offer practical support, advice and guidance to get you back on track.

4. Age Uk

5. WEA Norfolk

6. My South Norfolk

7. Citizens Advice

8. Benefits and Grants

-Some Science and Technology websites

1. Gridwatch shows how much electricity is currently being generated from wind, nuclear gas etc

2. Climate Spirals a graphic representation of the change in global temperatures between 1850 and 2017. (pay particular attention to what has happened over the last few years!)

3. The Museum of Retro Technology – a collection of weird and wonderful ideas, most of which went nowhere. Includes details of General Electric’s 1972 patent for a Fluidic Gramophone .