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Don’t be deterred by the name! The social element is a major part of each visit.
This very ‘fluid’ group began in 2010 as the result of a brochure through a letterbox, MY letterbox. The job was mine by default! Our first visit was to Bletchley Park and was over 2 days. This was a very tentative step on what was to become a steep learning curve. Over the years since its inception the visits have proved to be a valuable social link, as it enables members to meet others outside of their chosen, more formal, group activities. Whilst observing the cultural aspects of places such as The RST and Globe Theatres; Haworth & the Brontes; Agatha Christie’s ‘Greenway’; the Angel of the North and Lindisfarne, to mention but a few, we have also sampled the malt whisky culture of Scotland.
New friends are made whilst we are away and for many of our members who are on their own there is security in being with like-minded people who are also a part of the same organisation. Our only space restrictions are the number of seats on the coach or the allocation of rooms in the hotel. All U3A members are welcome.

For further information, see the Events page for visits currently on offer or contact the Cultural Group Leader.

Alternatively meet the Group Leader at the next Wrekin U3A general meeting in the Committee Room at Shifnal Village Hall.

Cultural Visits - Jodrell Bank & the Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, 25th & 26th May 2017

On what were possibly two of the hottest days this year, (thank goodness for an air –conditioned coach!) 31 U3A members embarked on a ’science odyssey’ which was planned as a link to the forthcoming general meeting on June 27th. It was unfortunate that the Space Hall at the MMSI was closed, and staff re-routed to the main buildings for security purposes, following the harrowing events in the city just 3 days earlier. Jan Burrows.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker. Surprised and delighted; it is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the development of this museum. In these times of world tensions it is a salutary reminder of the horrific effect of nuclear warfare, and the folly of the maintenance of a doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) involving the full-scale usage of weapons of mass destruction by at least two opposing sides. Geoff & Annie Catling

Jodrell Bank. We live so near but had never visited Jodrell Bank before and it was a fascinating visit. Very surprised with the gardens, loved the very interesting museum with interactive displays & lots of great information, and the very knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides. We were meant to whisper a message to a friend through the Whispering Dishes but Geoff does not do whispering! Geoff & Annie Catling

Museum of Science and Industry. A large site which involved a lot of walking but there always seemed to be something rewarding and of interest when we got there; the old station was a good example of this. Enjoyed the displays in the Power Hall and the Spinning Mill but disappointed that the aviation and space hall was closed. Had enough time to pop over the Deans Gate and see the preparations for the Manchester Games. We would understand if some found that a lot of walking was involved to gain the most from the visit. Geoff & Annie Catling

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Hack Green Hack Green 2 Telescope Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Manchester Railway Manchester 2

Taken by Peter Preston, Digital Photography Group 1

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker Jodrell Bank Display Manchester Museum of Science Manchester Museum of Science Manchester Museum of Science Hands
Bobbing Winder Police Manchester

Taken by Gill Whitehouse, Pictures of The Booking Hall at The Old Station & Canal at Castlefield, Manchester.

The Booking Hall Canal

More pictures of Hack Green Bunker & Jodrell Bank. Taken by Debbie Halford

Hack Green Picture 1 Hack Green Picture 2 Hack Green Picture 3 Hack Green Picture 4 Hack Green Picture 5 Hack Green Picture 6 Hack Green Picture 7
Hack Green Picture 8 Hack Green Picture 9 Hack Green Picture 10 Hack Green Picture 11 Hack Green Picture 12 Hack Green Picture 13 Hack Green Picture 14
Hack Green Picture 15 Hack Green Picture 16 Hack Green Picture 17 Hack Green Picture 18 Hack Green Picture 19 Hack Green Picture 20 Hack Green Picture 21
Hack Green Picture 22 Hack Green Picture 23 Hack Green Picture 24 Hack Picture Green 25 Hack Green Picture 26 Hack Green Picture 27

Underground Bunker & Jodrell Bank Pictures Taken by John Halford

Hack1 Hack2 Hack3 Hack4 Hack5 Hack6 Hack7
Hack8 Hack9 Hack10
Dates for your Diary
Sat Apr 27th
→Fri May 3rd
Proposed visit to Eire 2019. Departing Saturday, 27th April 2019. 7days, 6nights, visiting Cobh; the Ring of Kerry; Dingle Peninsula, Muckross Hall and Gardens, returning via Dublin. Experience riding in a ‘Jaunting Car’ and a cruise on Lough Leane. £565 per person. For full details follow the link. Booking forms from Jan Burrows, dbjb@uwclub.net