Social Occasions

Annual Lunch 2019

On 8th January 2019 approximately 70 members of Wrekin U3A once again enjoyed a very sociable annual lunch held for the second year at Hadley Park House, Telford. Arrangement and thanks to our Chairlady and Membership Secretary for another successful event as can be seen from the photographs shown here.

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Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 1 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 2 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 3 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 4 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 5 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 6
Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 7 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 8 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 9 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 10 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 11 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 12
Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 13 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 15 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 16 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 17 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 18 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 19
Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 20 Annual Lunch 2019 - Photo 21

Annual Lunch 2018

On 9th January the annual lunch was held at Hadley Park House, Hadley Park East, Telford when 86 members enjoyed an excellent menu, had time to enjoy the company and catch up with old friends plus make new ones. It was very sociable with the unanimous request to repeat the occasion & venue.


The meeting commenced with introductory music suggested by the Classical Music Appreciation Group. Roger Phillips created a 1950’s slide show and there was an art display researched by Art Appreciation Groups 1 and 2.
There followed presentations by several groups commencing with:-
- The launch of Sputnik & the International Geophysical Year by Marilyn Higson and Jane Apling of the Science Reading Group
- 1957: the world 60 years ago, Alan Cartwright from the Chair.
- Books of the year by Not Another Book Group
- The Goon Show: The Space Age performed by the Play Reading Group.
- Science Reading Group’s Alison Harris spoke about Accelerating Science and Sheila Conner on Medical Developments.
- Computing in the 1950’s was given by Roger Phillips of the Computer Group.

Singing for Fun closed a very enjoyable & informative afternoon with a selection of Space Age songs relevant to Space and the Galaxy with thanks to Diana Barnes to her amusing verse of “Let’s Go Fly A Kit” & Tony Etherington’s ukulele and John Soper’s keyboard accompaniment.

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Alan Cartwright Sputnik 5 Sputnik 4 Sputnik 3 Sputnik 2 Sputnik 1

All Member's Annual Get-Together

Shifnal Village Hall Street Map

Members’ Annual Social Morning – Tuesday, 16th May 2017

All members were invited to share coffee and cake and gave an opportunity to talk to our new Committee, Interest Group Leaders and each other; to find out more about our U3A and share ideas about our organisation and how we can move forward.

Below are a selection of photographs showing members’ display tables and lovely tempting cakes baked by various members, which were truly delicious.

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1. Social Meeting 2016 2. Social Meeting 2016 3. Social Meeting 2016 4. Social Meeting 2016 5. Social Meeting 2016 6. Social Meeting 2016 7. Social Meeting 2016 8. Social Meeting 2016 9. Social Meeting 2016 10. Social Meeting 2016 11. Social Meeting 2016