Welcome to the Worthing U3A website

You may have heard of us or U3A generally, but are not sure what it is all about.

What is U3A and who can join?

U3A (University of the Third Age) is an international organisation bringing many opportunities to people no longer in full-time employment. It is a self-help educational organisation, with an ethos of encouraging all members to contribute and participate.

  • Although ‘university’ is in our name, no qualifications are needed to join and being a member does not involve formal learning or exams
  • It draws on the wealth of knowledge and experience of its members to set up study and interest groups, and to organise recreational activities
  • Together we can pursue hobbies and new interests, benefitting from the skills, experience and enthusiasm of each other
  • Our priority is learning through having fun!

About Worthing U3A

Set up 25 years ago, Worthing U3A now has over 600 members. This website shows you the many facilities that can be accessed by members, for an annual fee of £25 (2017/18 rates). We currently run 60+ regular interest groups, embracing both recreational and academic pursuits, as well as occasional pop-up lectures. Our groups are informal, generally meeting in members’ homes (Note 1) during the day: weekly, fortnightly or monthly. These groups are often small, consisting of 8-12 members. The groups that meet in hired venues, such as Film Appreciation and Music Appreciation, cater for larger numbers.

Note 1 - Please note that we have very recently produced a Disability/Accessibility Policy for Worthing U3A. Prior to its publication, however, we are collating useful data about access to home venues to add to our group pages. This information will keep our less-able members informed about groups that are easily accessible.

Worthing U3A also offers comradeship. Some of our members live alone, and U3A is motivational in helping to forge new friendships. Our monthly meetings, with talks of general interest, offer an opportunity to socialise with other members. All in all, U3A is a great way to keep active mentally, socially and physically. No qualifications needed!

New members are always welcome. As a self-support organisation, we always need more contributors: to bring fresh ideas, run new interest groups, join our committee, or help at events. There are so many opportunities.
(For full information about Joining our U3A, please go to our MEMBERSHIP page.)

Worthing U3A Purpose and Strategy

Our Purpose
To help our members to exercise their cognitive abilities and learn new things in a social environment, whilst also enhancing their physical well-being.

Our Strategy (what we plan to do to achieve our purpose)
Offer a range of diverse groups and meetings to members
Support convenors and potential convenors to provide the most stimulating groups
Encourage steady growth in membership
Encourage self-help and participation in groups and supporting activities
Provide management and administration appropriate for a charitable organisation.

U3A – the Wider Picture

In Sussex
Along with 39 other U3As in Sussex, we are part of the Sussex U3A Network (SUN), which arranges: study days and workshops on a range of topics, events and outings.

There are now 1000 U3As in the UK, with approx 400,000 members. National Office offers many benefits to its widespread members:

  • Support and guidance, via telephone or email
  • A Resource Centre
  • Special events and visits, open to all members
  • Summer Schools, either run nationally or regionally.

The story of the U3A can be found on the national U3A website at U3A Story, and more details of the movement are available at U3A Movement. The Third Age Trust vision and mission statement can be found at Third Age Trust.

Charity No. 1028100