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What is Beacon?

Beacon is the on-line membership system used by Worksop and District U3A to manage its membership. We are one of over 300 U3As that use the same system.

It allows:

• The us to hold members details securely and safely without the risks associated with holding such data on personal computers or laptops.
It helps us and our group leaders comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.
• Committee members to communicate with the wider U3A membership whilst maintaining members privacy.
• Group Leaders to email the members of their own groups whilst maintaining members privacy.
• Group Leaders to manage the membership of their groups
• You as a member, to access and update your personal information

More information can be found by visiting the U3A Beacon Website - BEACON HOME PAGE
Whilst we are one of over 300 U3A organisations using the same system, our membership information cannot be accessed by any other U3A.

As a member what can I do on Beacon? Click here for details BEACON TRAINING GUIDE and BEACON USERS GUIDE FOR MEMBERS

Update your personal details
It is really important that the information we hold is up to date, otherwise you may miss out on important communications.

As a member you can update your personal details yourself by logging in to the Member BEACON MEMBERSHIP PORTAL

You can change your:
• Name
• Address
• Telephone numbers
• Email address

Please note: We do not routinely collect Emergency contact details. Where necessary these will be collected per event or excursion.

You can also hide your contact details from Group Leaders if you wish. The Group Leaders will still be able to email you but will not be able to see your address or telephone numbers. This will apply to every group of which you are a member. Therefore, please consider carefully before ticking this box.

Groups - Join, leave or see details

You will see all the groups we run, together with some information about the group. You will see which groups you are a member. In some cases you will be able to join the group online. Depending on the group there may be a schedule of events to see.

Renew your membership

At the appropriate time of year you can renew your membership and pay your fees. This is through a secure payment system either by credit or debit card, or if you have one, your PayPal account.

How do I access Beacon as a Member?

To access the Members Portal you will need the following information:

• Membership Number - found on your membership card
• Name
• Post code
• Email address

Here is a guide to show you how to do it GO TO BEACON TRAINING GUIDES

To access your account GO TO Members Login Portal

Roger Hancocks
Worksop and District U3A Beacon Administrator