Worksop & District

Letters to the Chairman

Letter from Bob Fearn - August 2016

Hello to every member of our U3A here in the Worksop and District.

My name is Bob Fearn, some will know me as a past Chairman, some as joint co-ordinator of the Travel Group, and some will know me from my attendance at various other groups.

I was more than interested in what our Chairman John Beaty had to say about the GREAT NEED for new members of the Committee, I was deeply concerned that without new members coming forward to take on the various responsibilities this GREAT organisation of ours could cease to exist.

I not only remember all the hard work that has gone before and is still being done in the organisation of this U3A, but of the many other benefits that we would lose.

This U3A has been a source of building new relationships, a source of bringing together new love affairs, a source of friendship when we have felt in deep despair at the time of some personal tragedy, a source of new knowledge and interests, a source of new aims in life even in our tender years, a source that enables us to meet, confide and discuss with others our joys and our worries.

Do we really want all this to stop.

I would dearly like to get involved again, but I know my health would not allow it. I do sincerely hope that some members will take a bite of the marmalade sandwich!! It’s what we put into the sandwich and life that determines the enjoyment and satisfaction that we get out of it.

My Best Wishes and Hope to you all.

Bob Fearn


Letter from Janet Mills - July 2015

I am including in this Chairs Chat, a letter I have received from Janet Mills.

Janet is concerned about the setting up that is required for the General Meetings. It usually falls on the Executive Committee members to set up the hall. This involves, putting out the chairs, tables, preparing the kitchen for teas and coffees, setting up the sound and projector system and many other different jobs. The room doesn’t miraculously get its self set up. After the meeting we then have to ensure that everything is put away before we leave.
This is Janet’s letter:

“Dear All,

I am sure that we all appreciate the hard work that goes into making our U3A such a great success. All the difficult decisions about the general running of the organisation are made by the Executive Committee. We do value all their efforts, especially as most of us would not like to be in their shoes.

However, I do feel they should not be put in the position of doing all the work at the General Meeting. There are jobs which many of us could help with such as getting the room ready, serving refreshments, washing up and clearing up. This may involve getting there early- say 1.15, but the bonus is that you get a parking spot!

Let’s not wear out the Committee . We need them, Janet Mills