Group Leaders Beacon Information

As a Group Leader you are encouraged to use the Beacon system to administer your Group(s); around three quarters are already doing so. Beacon allows you to:
• Keep an up-to-date list of all your members
• Send all or some of them, a U3A committee member or another group leader an email message
• Put prospective members on a waiting list if your Group is full
• See at a glance if any of last year’s members have not renewed their U3A membership

Since GDPR you should not be maintaining your own records of contact details like email and postal addresses and ‘phone numbers. All of these are already on the Beacon system, courtesy of the Membership Secretary. Attendance returns are simplified; you can simply download and print a list of members from Beacon.

This year’s members of your Group have already been entered as part of checking your last attendance returns. Adding or removing members is simplicity itself – you are not entering their details, just identifying them as members of your Group.

A Beacon Quick Guide for Group Leaders Beacon Quick Guide for Group Leaders

If you want to try it out or would simply like more information please email the Beacon administrator Beacon Advisor. The Groups Coordinator Assistant will be happy to help you once you get started.

Creating Excel and pdf files from Beacon

Please only download (or print) a list of names from your group list. It is contravening our privacy policy to store other information about members on your own computer.

Managing Waiting Lists on Beacon

If you have specified 'max members' for your group, when you select more members than that maximum then a waiting list will be formed automatically. The date of addition to the waiting list will be shown.

Important information about Beacon

Access to Beacon is via a username and password which you can obtain from David Barrett, our Beacon Adviser. David will train you in the use of the system and allocate permissions to use the system’s facilities. These are issued on the understanding that:

• the username and password will not be shared with anyone else;
• reasonable precautions are taken that any computers, tablets or smartphones used to access Beacon are free of viruses etc;
• any communication with members is restricted to matters directly related to Worcester U3A activities;
• Members’ contact details are treated as strictly confidential.