Covid 19

Here is a link to the government's latest update on Covid 19. Click on Latest Government Advice


Click on Virtual Noticeboard for the Tourist Board's latest information of activities in and around Worcester.


Check out The Hive's blog to read about what they have been doing especially the department 'Explore the Past Events'. Click on Explore the Past.

In addition U3As across the country have been holding virtual meetings. In the monthly Newsletter there are links to ways members can see what’s been happening. Click on TAT Newsletter.


Tom Howard, coordinator for the Senior Physical Activity Programme at the University, has developed a series of exercises that can easily be done at home. They range in effort from sitting down to a bit more strenuous! A link has been placed here for you to look at. The scheme is called 6IN6 and be accessed by clicking on Home Exercising.

If you would rather be able to download an exercise sheet there are three to choose from which describe the same exercises as on the videos.
Click on Exercise Sheet 1 for the Basic Exercises, Exercise Sheet 2 for the Strength Training Exercises and Exercise Sheet 3 for the Advanced Exercises.