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Main Meetings and Group Meetings

Starting in September 2021, we hope to move to a mixture of online and in-person meetings. For further details, see events listing below.

Back by popular demand! Worcester u3a New Year Lunch - 14 January 2022

We hope you will join us at our New Year Lunch, to be held at the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel in Foregate Street. Find out more in the events list below, and remember to return your booking slip and deposit payment in good time.

National Activities

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Dates for your Diary
Wed Nov 3rd

How World War II was won from the playing fields of Malvern - Mike Burstow, Malvern Radar & Technology History Society - 2:00 pm

On Wednesday 15th August 1945 in a press conference for VE Day, Sir Stafford Cripps said “Today we are going to reveal for the first time the story of an invention, Radar, which has played a greater part in the whole war than the atom bomb itself."

This talk describes the contribution the Telecommunication Research Establishment (TRE) made to winning some key battles, and the consequences of equipping aircraft with radar.

This talk will take place as an in-person meeting at the Warndon Hub, Shap Drive, Warndon WR4 9NX.

Wed Nov 17th

Time Through the Ages - John Hope - 2:00 pm

A journey through time showing the development and improvement of time-telling devices from sundial and water clocks through the introduction of mechanical clocks, railway time, domination of pendulum devices to the atomic clock. The audience are advised to fasten their seat belts as they are taken through a journey of over 3000 years in just 60 minutes.

John had a 10-year career in the RAF, as well as a lengthy commercial career including senior positions with Heinz and Hertz car and truck rental.

(On Zoom only)

Wed Dec 1st

What I discovered about China when exploring accounts from my family - Elizabeth Tebby Germaine - 2:00 pm

Elizabeth Tebby Germaine has written a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. She is interested in the human stories told against the backdrop of dramatic and dangerous years in the Far East, having inherited and being given significant material and photographs which relate to Burma and China, countries of great interest as we move through the 21st century.

This talk will take place as an in-person meeting at the Green Centre, Gresham Road, WR2 5QS.

Wed Dec 15th

Christmas Entertainment with Sun Jester (Graham, Towse and Bronwen Harrison) - 2:00 pm

Sun Jester presents The Bob and Dot Show: A Christmas Entertainment – a feast of anecdotes and music on a seasonal theme. They aim to enlighten, divert and amuse with a broad range of subjects as diverse as social history, medicine and music, all delivered with lightness and a touch of humour. Christmas songs from the Golden Age of Hollywood musicals combine with humorous tales about the artistes. They also look at the origins of some of our Christmas traditions and how one of them was (and still could be) illegal!

(On Zoom only)

Social Events
Fri Jan 14th 2022

Worcester u3a New Year Lunch

This year's lunch is being held at The Worcester Whitehouse Hotel on Foregate Street (WR1 1EA) 12.30 for 1pm.

To reserve your place/s please click here (New Year Lunch) for further information and a booking slip. The slip and payment should be returned by Dec 15th. NB if you cancel your booking after 17th December you are unlikely to have your money returned.