Woolmer Forest


Monthly Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month at 2pm in The Whitehill Village Hall

Monday 16th March 2020 - Jock Gardner - 'The Battle of the Atlantic 1939 to 1945'

Jock Gardner served om the Royal Navy for 30 years. Since retiring he has given talks to U3A groups, which have been well received.
The war at sea between German submarines and allied convoys continued throughout the Second World War. The continuation of the war largely depended on winning the Battle of the Atlantic and ensuring food supplies and munitions continued to reach the United Kingdom. The resulting success was achieved by a heavy loss of men and materials.

Monday 20th April 2020 - Colin Van Geffen - 'The Lady who saved a Nation'

This talk was recommended by another U3A Group and it promises to be very interesting.
When Lucy Houston died on 29th December 1936, so ended a life of one of the wealthiest and powerful woman of her time. Yet today she has all but disappeared into obscurity, largely forgotten by the world she helped to save.

Monday 18th May 2020 - Richard Poad - 'Grandma Flew Spitfires'

Richard is an authority on the Air Transport Auxilliary and he knew many flying veterans. His talk is of a personal nature and illustrated with newsreel and archive films. It will cover the forgotten stores of WW2 and cover stories of courage, skill and sacrifice of the female and male pilots, flying without the technical flying aids of today.

Monday 15th June 2020 - 'ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING' followed by:

Steve Herra - 'The Body in the Porthole'

Steve is making a return visit, following his excellent talk on the QE2 store last March. The 'Body in the Porthole' is a true story and Steve will ask the audience to discuss the characters involved and decide for themselves who carried out this deed. Promises to be interesting

Tuesday 28TH April 2020 - REGISTRATION DAY

Registration Day will take place between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

At about 3.00 pm there will be a talk lasting approximately 20/30 minutes about SCAMS. The talk will be given by Sue Lambert, who is a Chartered Banker with NatWest Bank. She will give updated details of further Scams and fraud committed since the last talk we received in November 2018.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 - National U3A Day

All dates and details subject to change