The Membership Year of Wooler U3A runs from 1st October to 30th September. In your first year, if you join between 1st October and 31st March the membership fee will be £13. If you join after this date there will be a discounted fee. In addition, each Group session normally has a session fee of £1.50 or £2 to help cover room hire charges.

If you are thinking of joining, you are allowed to attend a maximum of two sessions of any group, paying only that group’s normal session fee. After taking up the two complementary sessions, you can either join Wooler U3A or not attend anymore Group sessions.

To join Wooler U3A, please print the Membership Form via the link on the right of this page. Please read the following about Gift Aid.

Once you have filled out the membership form, please forward it to the Membership Secretary at the address on the form, along with your membership fee.


Wooler U3A Gift Aid Declaration

The Wooler U3A secretary holds a confidential record of all members’ declarations and is the HMRC’s recognised contact.

The present membership subscription (donation) is £13. Your gift aid total for the year would be £3.25.

To cancel the declaration, or if there is a change to your name or home address, it is necessary to notify the Wooler U3A secretary, so that information declared to HMRC by the secretary is kept up to date.