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Open Meetings - these are group meetings which have been opened to the general membership.

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Dates for your Diary
Mon Mar 9th Speaker Meeting - Living with Arabs Part 2 (illustrated) - Joan Ward
Mon May 11th Speaker Meeting - The art of the Lindisfarne Gospels and its context - Margaret Kirby
Mon Jul 13th Speaker Meeting - Locks, Stocks and Conmen (Cybercrime prevention) - Siobhan Younger, Newcastle Building Society
Mon Sep 14th Speaker Meeting - Swiftly Turns the Murmuring Wheel (A history of spinning wheels - Mike hopes to bring some examples) - Mike Oliver
Mon Nov 9th Speaker Meeting - Contemporary poetry: reading, writing and as a tool for well-being - Anne Ryland
Mon Jan 11th 2021 Speaker Meeting - A look back to 1970 - Andy Griffin