Board Games

Both the Board Games Groups are meeting monthly in the leader’s home off Squitchey Lane in North Oxford from 2pm to 4pm.
• Board Games 1 is meeting on the 1st Wednesday in a month
• Board Games 2 is meeting on the 3rd Thursday in a month
Board Games 1 members who are able to attend on a Thursday pm may attend both monthly meetings provided the Group 2 meeting is not going to exceed 8 members. Likewise, Board Games 2 members who are able to attend on a Wednesday pm may do so if the numbers attending will be less than 8.
At all meetings we will play games from a sizeable selection that I have myself own and games brought along by group members. If you click on the link titled list you can view a list of some games that are available. And see that we have games for differing numbers of players. Several games are best played by 3 to 6 persons, others are for just 2 or 4 players and some can be played with 6 or more people. We can have two games running simultaneously at different ends of the room when this is applicable but when doing so may have to avoid a few games that can be noisy. The list of games will be updated from time to time.
Please will anyone new considering joining either group 1 or 2 contact the group leader Ann Willmott via the Group Coordinator link on the Contacts Page for further information.