Events 2020 - Apr 2021

Great News!!!!
Woodstock and District U3A are open for business again.
Whilst we are still unable to meet in person, we are now able to offer a full programme of Speaker Talks online via Zoom. All the talks will start at 2pm.

The September talk was a fascinating lecture on Bees and it was lovely to ‘see’ so many people joining and thoroughly enjoying the session. In October Katrina van Grouw, ornithologist, artist and author, spoke about her fascinating life and the books she has written. In November Shona Kennedy, a Nutritionist, gave an interesting and enlightening talk about The Gut.

Zoom can be used on any PC or tablet with internet connection. It is very straightforward to join a Zoom meeting and any Member of the Committee would be very happy to give advice if required.
We look forward to 'seeing' you at the next meeting.

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Dates for your Diary
Tue May 4th All You Might Ever Need to Know About Slugs
A talk by Dr Ian Bedford a retired Entomologist, on what exactly is a slug and their fascinating lives? There are around 40 species of slugs in Britain but only 6 or so are plant pests. Many are not only good for the garden, but essential within our delicate ecosystems. What are the best ways to control them without harming a variety of other wildlife? (Animals can be poisoned by eating slug pellets – they may not intend to eat the pellets but they eat smaller animals which have in turn eaten the pellets – so the toxin is travelling up the food chain, for example from slugs to birds and hedgehogs etc.)
The most frequent comment Dr Bedford says he receives after giving this talk is:
'Oh dear, I never realised I'd been killing all the good slugs within my garden!'
Tue Jun 1st Dogs For Good - The Work of the Charity
Dogs for Good, based in Banbury, is a life-transforming charity, creating partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs to help adults and children with physical disabilities and learning disabilities, children with autism and adults with dementia.
Other Events
Tue Jan 4th 2022 THE ROYAL NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR THE DEAF will be giving a talk to our branch early in 2022. In the meantime they have very kindly sent us an extremely useful and informative leaflet on MANAGING HEARING LOSS AND TINITUS. Please see the link on the right