Woodhall Spa

Refund Policy


1. All trips should be self-funding.
2. No refund if we haven't got excess money from that particular trip.
3. No refund if we have paid out for a ticket or service that we didn't
get a refund for, even if we have excess money from that trip.
4. If a member cancels a trip where tickets have already been
purchased their place will be offered to members on the waiting
list (if any), but ultimately, it is the member’s responsibility to try
and find another member to purchase the ticket.
5. No ‘blanket refund policy’. All refunds will only be considered if
the Outing in question has sufficient funds in reserve and the Bank
balance can accommodate it.
6. There may be occasions where an Outing has recorded a credit
balance but another maybe in deficit, it will then be for the
committee to examine the overall balance at the Bank before a
decision can be made.
7. Members need to be aware that refunds will not always be
possible, regardless of reason or personal circumstances