Woodhall Spa

Information on Outings

Group Leaders – Elaine Aspinall, Pauline Plummer, Sue Pollitt, Jan Smith, Jackie Stevens
Meet: 10am 3rd Tuesday of each month Email:outings@woodhallspa-u3a.org.uk

U3a members do not need to sign up to join the Outings Group as all are welcome to participate in any of the outings organised by the group leaders.

Since its inception our u3a members have enjoyed well over a hundred outings which vary from theatre trips, seaside outings, shopping trips, stately homes and gardens, to name just a few..

We hold a short monthly meeting in the Methodist Church in the village. This meeting is used to collect names and money for the trips and to discuss and plan future outings. All are welcome to suggest and organise outings although we do have a small group who take the lead. Come along and see what we have on offer.

When putting their name down for an outing members should take a note of the name and contact details of the organiser for that particular trip. All payment, travel and ticket details will be publicised in the Newsletter, on the Outings Group Diary web page and at the monthly Outings meeting.

Members should inform the contact name asap if they later decide not to attend an outing as there may be costs involved, and, if they have paid for an outing and cannot attend on the day, they should let the organiser know so that departure is not delayed. Once payment has been made for an outing, refunds will not normally be possible if tickets have been purchased and/or a coach has been booked.