Computing Some Previous Topics

1). Is it better to handle emails on your own computer or on your email provider's website?
2). How do you copy an address book from one provider to another or from a computer-based mail handler to a web-based one?
3) What causes vertical lines on a laptop screen and what can be done about it?
4) How to find and download missing DLL files.
5) Uninstalling McAfee and replacing it with AVG.
6) Security on an ipad
7) How to set your own home page in your browser.
8) Using the on-screen keyboard.
9) Accents and Spell Check for foreign languages in MS Word.
10) Skype tiny image problem.
11) Ebooks from your local library.
12) iPads and Androids
13) Windows 10.
14) Phishing.
15) Back up Failure in Windows 10
16) Security on line - More scams
17) Rebooting Windows 10 free upgrade.
18) Upgrading MS Office from 32 bit to 64 bit version
19) Password Managers
20) Printer wireless connection failure
21) Copying mail addresses to a new account.
22) Transferring photos from email and then editing.
23) Resizing email window in Virginmedia.
24) Desktop suddently turns upside down.
25) Programming shortcut keys for foreign accents.
26) Key codes in general.
27) New iPad rotation lock
28) Resizing text window in Outlook.
29) Bluetooth speaker pairing.
30) PowerPoint Workshop.
31) New Asus won't download anything. Reset required.
32) Website Editing.
33) Walking Map Apps