Food Group: Some Previous Topics

Suggestions on reducing the amount of meat in our diet.
'Winter warmers and comfort food'
'French cookery and culture'
'Ethical and political considerations regarding food'
A visit to the cafe run by Eileen Bayliss's daughter in Kinver
'Garnishes, how to make food look attractive'
Summer picnic at Highgate Common
Dairy Produce
Visit to Banks's brewery
Herbs and Spices
Indian Cuisine
Food and Music
Cheese making
Fruit: Favourite fruit recipes or unusual fruits or uses for fruits.
Salsas and dips.
What food did you most enjoy over Christmas
Christmas Party with the Gardenibg Group at Kingswood
Meet the butcher
Suggestions on reducing the amount f meat in our diet
Favourite recipes and cookbooks
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Christmas Festive Food and Fun
Design your kitchen, mistakes and helpful points
Home grown
Biscuits, sweet and savoury
Food for free,
Hints for entertaining,
Back of the Fridge recipes - a chance to tidy up after Christmas!
Easter Eggs, either chocolate or otherwise,
Tea tasting at Much Wenlock.
'Let's get Cooking - Healthier Food Choices at 60+'
Visit to Grange Farm, Hilton - on the Bridgnorth Rd,
Marmite - Love or Hate it
Meet the Butcher - Talk and demo by John Whitten
Home made sweets for Christmas.
Fish - a general discussion on how to buy it and cook it; the
ethics of fishing, its health benefits and mercury contamination
Food Hygiene. A general discussion.
Bees and Honey by a local beekeeper
A visit to Apley Farm Shop
Sandwiches and picnic lunches