Art Group: Some Previous Topics

'Poster Art 2', presented by Len Moore
'Official War Artists', presented by Kay Herbert
'Leonardo da Vinci', presented byon with Gwynneth Chubb. How to scan and project pictures using your computer/storing pictures for displays.
'Darwin and Art'. Len Moore
'Informal Art'- 'Pavement Art'- Cynthia Nickless; 'Graffiti'- KayHerbert.
'Local artists- Charles Wheeler and brothers Richard and AnthonyTwentyman'.
Everyone to bring a picture or other item relating to 'Food in Art'.
'Cubism- Picasso and Braque'. Louise Henly.
Visit to Compton Verney to see 'Francis Bacon in Camera'.
Visit to Dudmaston.
'Land Art' Louise Henly.
Visit to Initial Access to view 'Attitude' exhibition.
Informal visit to Barber Art Gallery to see 'A Rage for the Lakes' exhibition.
Everyone to bring an example of Cartoon Art which appeals to you.
Sculpture presentation by Sheila Moore.
Everyone to bring a personal art treasure, or a photograph of one.
'Outdoor Sculpture', presented by Christine Moore.
'John Piper', presented by Kay Herbert.
'Lions, Seahorses and Dragons: a revolution in stamp design' presented by Andrew Milligan.
Wightwick Manor visit to see William Morris exhibition.
Visit to 'Metal' exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
'David Hockney', presented by David Tordoff
'Changing tastes'; bring items you used to like, or have come to appreciate
'The Art of Science and the Science of Art', presented by Louise Henly.
'Animals and Birds in Art', presented by David Tordoff
'Flowers in Art', presented by Diane Tordoff
'Charles Rennie Mackintosh', presented by Chris Bason.
'Narrative Art'
Images of artists and works for us to see what we recognise and what's a surprise! -David Tordoff
Visit to Birmingham Art Gallery to see 'Love and Death: Victorian paintings from the Tate'
'The Glasgow Boys' presented by Sheila Moore,
'Tidings of comfort and joy'; art on Christmas stamps, presented by Andrew Milligan.

Some aspects of art in embroidery. 'The Glasgow School of Embroidery' presented by Chris Bason, 'Samplers' presented by Louise Henly and 'Needlepoint-type pictures' presented by Margaret Barr.

Visit to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. 2 exhibitions: Timur Novokov's work, mainly textiles, and John Flaxman drawings and clay models.

Visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery. Rob Geal showing some works using words or lettering in the basement and Pop Art Gallery, and introducing the E B Bayliss pictures exhibition.

Everyone bring a textile item, or picture of one, and tell the group why it interests them.
'The Scottish Colourists' presented by Chris Bason.
'Work and Occupations in Art' presented by Di Tordoff.
'Art influenced by materials and techniques'presented by David Tordoff.

Neville Stanyer, guest speaker - Calligraphy combined with other art he produces, introduced by Louise Henly
Visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery, to view the current 'Pop Art' display and changing images in portraits.
'Changing Images of War' presented by David Tordoff plus some poems inspired by the themes presented.
'Art using letters, words and books' -bring examples
'Art and Music' - 2 sessions
'Forgeries'. Han van Meegeren and other well-known forgers. Follow-up session on fakes, replicas, historical perspectives and ethics.
'British folk art', 2 sessions
'Crested China'. Cedric Garbett
'Australian Art'. Neil and Sue Hermsen
'Installations' - definitions, and examples using light. 2nd session including Christo and Andy Goldsworthy.
'Fashion as art', presented by Chris Bason./
'Art in advertising' (2 sessions)
John White brought some of his photographs and explained decisions he'd made.
Visit to W'ton Art Gallery, 'Pop in Space'and Martin Parr photographs.
'Art in Wolverhampton's architecture' Neil and Sue Hermsen.
'Some women artists' (2 sessions)
'Art with poetry' on the theme of 'nature'.
'Art close up'(microscopic, miniatures etc)
'Somewhere in Britain you find beautiful' (next year: 'Somewhere outside Britain you find beautiful')/
'Tall structures you like or dislike'.
'Light and art' presented by Louise Henly and Di Tordoff
Visit to Wolverhampton art gallery: Posters of protest and revolution from the V&A, and Big Ceramics
'Oriental art and japanning'
'The art of gardens through the ages'
'Portraits you like or dislike'.
'Nineteenth century English design' presented by Chris Bason
'Art Nouveau'
Visit to the New Art Gallery Walsall. Eva Rothschild exhibition
'Art of memorials'
'Recycled art'
'Affairs of the heart'
El Greco - painter of the counter-Reformation, by Andrew Milligan
'Art on tiles'
'The art of medals'
'The changing art of still lifes', presented by Sheila Moore
'Domesticated animals in art'
'Street art, graffiti and murals'
'Art Deco'
'From one art form to another', mainly work by Louise Henly
Members' art 'finds' of the year
'Ice sculptures'
'Colours in art'
'Flower arrangements as art and in art', presented by Eileen Bayliss
'Skies in art'
'Mexican art'
'Artists born in 1945'
'Grinling Gibbons' + different wood types and her own carvings presented by Sheila Moore
'Art on fridge magnets'
'French artists in England'
'The art of Russia' (2 sessions)
Visit to the Herbert Art Gallery Coventry, for Anselm Kiefer exhibition
'The body of the artist' presented by Louise Henly
'Art and "madness"'
'Looking at portraits, landscapes and abstracts' -3 sessions using Belfast U3A shared learning project.
'Birds in art'
'Salvator Dali' presented by Neil Hermsen
'Art in Cornwall'.
'Indian art'.
'Favourite art galleries' - buildings and/or exhibits.
'Heironymus Bosch'
'Cesar Manryke' presented by Neil Hermsen.