Witham & District (Essex)


Due to the Government's advice on tackling coronavirus on March 17, Witham and District (Essex) U3A committee accepts that we have only digital and telephone contact left.

We have tried to operate normally for as long as possible but now we have no option but to close the normal meetings for groups, the monthly Spring Lodge meetings and all planned events and trips for the rest of March, April, May and June.

Activity Group Leaders are in touch with their members by phone or email to discuss alternative liaison steps where they can.even if it means changing planned programmes to fit into a different format.

Meanwhile we urge all membersl to stay as fit and well as possible.

Please don't lose contact with people and remember to follow the Government advice on coronavirus.

If any of you need personal help or assistance in the days ahead, please let your Group Leaders or a committee member, know. We will do all we can for you.

Witham and District (Essex) U3A Committee


Like all U3a’s the Witham and District (Essex) U3A is a group of lively-minded older people who meet together for social and learning activities. Those activities are conducted in “Groups” that meet at various venues dependent on the nature of the group activity. Some meet in their own homes when the number of the members in the group are few, whilst others meet outdoors or in public halls.
The variation in groups is large: creative writing, music appreciation, board and card games, rambling, both locally and further afield.
The Events and Groups pages give further details, especially of forthcoming visits to Theatres and other attractions.
The committee welcome suggestions for new Groups, and will give financial support where necessary.

Each group has a leader who has 'volunteered' to do so, and some have small committees to assist.
Although the leader is technically responsible for routine activities, such as record keeping, most operate on a consensus basis.
Members or potential members thinking about new Groups should look at "New Groups" on the Groups page of this site.

Can we draw your attention to links to "Fire Safety" and "Members Needing Help" also, police notice about "Cold Calling Intruder Alarm Companies" and "How to secure your home" in the Links column.

Also see U3A News page for more useful information also "From The Third Age Trust" with details of Nationally organised events for members.

The full constitution can be downloaded from the panel at the top right (or at the bottom if using an iPad or Phone.

Can I Join?

Membership is open to anyone (normally) over 55 no longer in full-time employment and, again normally, living the area of Witham and District and neighbouring villages. There is an annual subscription which covers administration costs, including an affiliation fee to the National Office.
It entitles members to take part in any of the activity groups, to attend the monthly meetings, and to receive a quarterly newsletter, as well as the U3A News from National Office.
The former is posted on this website (see Newsletter page) or posted to those who do not have access to the Web.
The latter is posted direct to members..

Anyone wishing to join should either come to the monthly meeting (see Events Page on this site) at Spring Lodge, Powers Hall End, Witham. CM8 2HG or contact Mrs Pam Fearnley, Membership Secretary, 4 Highfields Road, Witham, Essex CM8 1EZ (see also the Contacts Page)
Membership forms, covering both Application and Renewal and including a Gift Aid declaration, are available at the General meetings, direct from the Membership Secretary or downloaded from the Links panel at the Right of this page.

In compliance with the: GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS, (GDPR), the Witham and District (Essex) U3A Privacy Policy statement can be downloaded from the Links panel at the Right of this page.

Annual Subscription

The annual fee is £10. This gives access to all the U3A's activities, although membership of certain groups may incur expenses such as books, materials, travel costs for appropriate outings, etc. Members who join after 30th June may pay a reduced fee of £5.

Please take care NOT to block non-members. It causes disruption to the speaker if appeals to move cars have to made, and is extremely discourteous. A notice is available from the Editor, or may be copied and pasted. U3a Car Stickers are available from the Secretary