Witham & District (Essex)


Held on 23rd Nov 2023 at Witham Town Football Club Meeting Hall.

Chairman’s appeal to the 2023 AGM
MY message to all of you from my first year is to please be more receptive to requests for help and support.
All tasks from setting out chairs, making refreshments, keeping membership records, looking after our money, arranging the monthly meeting speakers, liaising with venues, co-ordinating groups etc, is all down to us doing it for each other.
I believe if every member took on one task, life would be so much better for us all. I am sure you all believe organisation could be better. Then why not step up to being involved in making it better?
Here I must make special mention of Anne Charles who returned to take up the secretary role this year. However, we are now urgently looking for a permanent replacement. The only member who stood up has now withdrawn on health grounds.
The Charity Commission insists the role is filled if we are to continue, so someone needs to save us at the eleventh hour!!
Special thanks too goes to Jane Barton who has arranged the monthly meeting speakers for next year alongside here Group Facility tor role and personal family tragedy.
Other positives to mention from the year are:
1 The launch of Trips and Outings thanks to Sheena Campbell.
2 Growth in membership
3 A very successful summer Open Afternoon
4 Formation of a team to both prepare the hall for monthly meetings and look after refreshments
5 Creation of our first u3a Calendar by the Photography Group.
6 Members circulating the 25th anniversary leaflets far and wide.
Finally my thanks and gratitude to fellow committee members for their support; to the group co-ordinators for keeping the interests and activities running efficiently and, of course, to all members for being part of an organisation that keeps our brains ticking over and every one of us socially involved. Ray Hardisty

Late note; We do have a secretary
Special thanks to Jackie Gascoigne for coming forward and taking on the role of secretary after the AGM.
Hopefully she has the support of you all as she settles into her new role.