Witham & District (Essex)


Due to the Government's advice on tackling coronavirus on March 17, Witham and District (Essex) u3a committee accepts that we have only digital and telephone contact left.

We have tried to operate normally for as long as possible but now we have no option but to close the normal meetings for groups, the monthly Spring Lodge meetings and all planned events and trips are cancelled until further notice.

Activity Group Leaders are in touch with their members by phone or email to discuss alternative liaison steps where they can.even if it means changing planned programmes to fit into a different format.

Meanwhile we urge all membersl to stay as fit and well as possible.k

Please don't lose contact with people and remember to follow the Government advice on coronavirus.

If any of you need personal help or assistance in the days ahead, please let your Group Leaders or a committee member, know. We will do all we can for you.

Witham and District (Essex) u3a Committee


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