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u3a Facebook

Hello, this page is for those members who wish to learn more about Facebook and perhaps join this media.

Facebook is another way in which u3a members can keep in touch with not only those in their own Group but also in other u3a Groups throughout the UK.



Why should I use Facebook-and how?

  • Of all internet users in the UK, 78% use Facebook!
  • 40 million UK user a MONTH use Facebook. 52% female, 48% male.
  • Every day, the average UK user spends 1 hour 50 minutes on social media.

With "lockdown" this time on social media has increased. A Facebook group can exchange ideas and let people know what is going on. Your group may be "closed" i.e. you have to join it-or "open". Both have advantages; anyone can contribute can contribute to an "open" group, while only members can contribute to and see a "closed" one. If you "follow" the group, you are notified of updates. to do that, go to the group's Facebook page, look below the main picture, and "follow". You can always turn it off!

In summary-what can Facebook do for me? It-

  • lets me to share my views and opinions with others [Facebook Friends], easily
  • can connect me with others who share my interests-search for relevant groups
  • offers FREE [and easy] video calls, and audio calls to others on Facebook
  • can protect my private information/photos etc. and restrict who sees it.

How do I set up a Facebook Account?

1. Open Facebook and tap "Create New Account". TAP "Get Started".
2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Enter your first and last name, date of birth and gender.
Note that if you are concerned about giving this info. you do not have to be truthful, but you will to
remember what you have said if you need to reset your account.
4. Create a password that you will remember. This is the main way of keeping your account safe, so don't use the same password as you do on another site. Keep it safe and confidential. TAP "Sign up"
5. Go to your Facebook site, CLICK "Create Post" at the top of the page and write something. Perhaps just say
"Hi, I've joined Facebook" CLICK "Post" and it is uploaded, [i.e. sent].
Note that there is a size limit on photos and videos[usually 12 MB] so if they won't upload ,make them
smaller and try again. GOOGLE "how to reduce size of images"

How to make your Facebook Account even more secure.

You can "enable" "Two-factor security" i.e. sign in with something you KNOW [your password] and something you HAVE- usually your mobile phone. Facebook calls this "login approvals". Once it is activated, after you have entered your password, Facebook sends a code to your phone that you can type into the site, to that it is you, this is similar to the way Banks ensure security on Internet Banking. That way, if someone found your password,
they still couldn't log in as you without also having your phone.

To enable "Login Approvals", go to "Settings">"Security">"Login Approvals. TICK the box next to "Require a login code to access my account from unknown number".

I hope this will be of some help to you, any queries, please contact Alan Stevens via the "Bluebird" icon in the R/H column