Witham & District (Essex)

May 3rd: In the Garden - Part 2

'In the Garden' is the third project being undertaken by Photography Group members as an alternative to the previously planned programme.
The deadline for this particular challenge was 3rd May 2020.

The specific theme falls under the much wider subject of 'Within these 4 walls' from which future projects are expected to be selected in the coming weeks.
Due to the exceptionally large number of submissions for this project, the results have been split over 2 pages; the first (‘Part 1’) includes up to 2 images per contributor and a second page (‘Part 2’), includes additional images.

Selected submissions for subsequent projects, currently anticipated to be weekly, will be shown on additional sub-pages.

Copyright Notice:
Please note that the Copyright for each of the photographs displayed on this web page remains with the original photographer who is/was a member of the Witham & District (Essex) U3A Photography Group at the time of posting.
All rights reserved. For any more information please use the Contact facility on this page.

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