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This page shows a complete year's issues of our Newsletters, refreshed on a rolling monthly basis.

Please click here to see our current April 2020 Newsletter 2 (s3)

Please click here to see our current 2020 Time Table Feb-May inc. V1 for the 'day of month' overview of all interest group meetings.
NB Please bear in mind the schedule shown in the Timetable reflects 'normal' times, currently it is safer to assume all Group activities are cancelled until further notice, unless you have been contacted by your Convenor.

Committee members, Sue White and Dave Humphries, attended the National Conference and AGM in August 2019. Sue's report of the conference is here: National Conference Report.

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You will also be able to view the past year's Newsletters below: April 2020 Newsletter 1; March 2020 Newsletter; February 2020 Newsletter; January 2020 Newsletter; December 2019 Newsletter; November 2019 Newsletter; October 2019 Newsletter; September 2019 Newsletter; August 2019 Newsletter; July 2019 Newsletter; June 2019 Newsletter.