Winchcombe Area

Riding Safe - Practices and Etiquette

  • Riders are encouraged to adopt the following practice:

Stopping when in a group
Shout "stopping" and if safe to take a hand off the bars/brakes, put up a hand so others know who is stopping.

Big groups and cars behind
To minimise annoyance to other road users in motor vehicles approaching from behind, it is best to leave gaps after every 3 or 4 bikes so vehicles can overtake more easily and slot in between these mini-groups of 3 or 4.

Leading big groups
The group or someone with knowledge of the route should stop and wait for the last rider at any junction where the direction is not clear, for example at T junctions and cross roads. It is desirable for every rider to carry a mobile phone and the leader should have a list of mobile phone numbers.

  • The following are courteous practices but not universally adopted – don’t assume another rider will do it.

Pointing to potholes
Some riders do this but you can't always do it without threatening your own safety.

Calling the road clear at junctions
Some riders do this but don’t assume the call is correct. You should do your own check. Calling out when the road isn't clear is helpful but don't assume that the absence of such a call means the road is clear.

Calling when a motor vehicle is spotted
Some riders do this. There are different conventions, e.g. “Car Back” and “Car Up”.