Winchcombe Area


One of the guiding principles of our U3A is to promote well being and ensure inclusivity for all our members. In these challenging times with this in mind the committee decided to appoint a ‘Welfare Lead Contact’ and John Mackelworth has agreed to take on this role.

His aim is to be a point of contact so that any U3A member can raise issues connected to welfare and accessibility. He is also liaising with other organisations and plans to share details of what is available in the community.

You will find a link to the Winchcombe Health & Wellbeing Guide of the local organisations that may be able to offer help and support if needed.

If there are any immediate issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact John on: tel. 07748 620176. Calls will be treated in complete confidence.

Click here for the Winchcombe Health & Wellbeing Guide

A series of free NHS exercise videos have been recommended to us by one of our members. These cater for a wide range of abilities, which you may find of interest:

NHS Exercise Videos. Just click on the links below:

1) Get Active your Way

2) This link is to a series of 10 minutes exercises

3) These exercises are 10-45 minutes long and include

Aerobics for beginners, Wake-up Workout, Pilates, Yoga, La Bomba dance & more