National Memorial Arboretum


A fantastic day was had by all at the Arboretum, the award winning Remembrance Centre was to all of us a place that will know doubt hold a experience that captured the history of the Armed Forces. It featured over 350 thought provoking memorials in grounds that were designed to wrap the memorials in blankets of respect.
“The memorials in the Arboretum are windows to an amazing array of stories. Each one has been carefully designed to represent those remembered and every year more are added.”
We started the day by attending the Daily Act of Remembrance which brought home the importance of never forgetting those that gave their lives for us.
Comments from members:
Beautiful place, Very moving especially the forces sculptures and the Shot of Dawn memorial brought tears to my eyes
Truly humbling, everlasting gratitude and respect
Interesting heartfelt poignant will visit again
Beautiful place to visit
Very impressive place to visit
Lovely place to visit very moving and humbling
Superb site wonderful grounds heart wrenching stories everywhere
Moving and thought provoking beautiful site
Wonderful trip extremely moving
Really enjoyable trip very impressive site very humbling well worth a visit
The chapel set the tone for the visit beautiful setting moving poignant and thought provoking
A very inspirational idea by it’s creator Leonard Cheshire
I met young men still serving who had taken a journey there today to pay their respect to their dear friends who had lost their lives, they talked to me about their friends and what they had done in the conflicts. Their names are forever sketched into the memorial walls. We all felt the day wasn’t long enough and know doubt will be returning soon.

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