The U3A is run entirely by volunteers and without their efforts the U3A would not function and could cease to exist. There are many administrative tasks from making tea and coffee at membership meetings, helping set out and put away the chairs at the membership events, leading groups to joining the leadership committee. If you have the time or skills that can help us make this U3A a great group to be a part of contact Wigan U3A

COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Do you want to help steer the U3A to help it to develop and grow to meet the needs of the membership? Why not come along to a committee meeting for a taste of the issues the committee are handling and see if you can contribute.

GROUP LEADERS - Ever thought "there should be a group for ..."? If you have, then someone else is probably thinking the same. A group leader pack will explain the responsibilities of a group leader and what you might need to start your own group or help out in a group you already attend, it is surprisingly easy to get started. Contact Ray Stafford the group leader coordinator for more advice.

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS The chairs and tables need to be set out for each meeting, if you could arrive around 30 mins early to help set these out, or help stack the chairs away at the end of the meeting that would be great. There is also a rota for helping out on the tea and coffee stand.