How To Join

One annual membership is £15.00. This is reduced to £10 if joining with less than four months of the year left.

The membership year for Wigan U3A is from 1st April until the 31st March.

These fees include a £3.50 membership fee paid to our national organisation, the Third Age Trust, which provides a wide range of services and benefits, including liability insurance cover and the Third Age Matters Magazine. It also includes a 50p administration charge per membership record for our Beacon IT system.

If you are already a member of another U3A you are entitled to a reduced rate of membership as the membership fee to the Third Age Trust only needs to be paid once. Membership for existing members of other U3As is £11.50 per year.

If you wish to receive the Third Age Matters magazine published by the Third Age Trust your membership fee increases by £2.90 per year to cover the postage costs for five magazines. You also need to tick the consent box under “Privacy Statement” to allow us to share your address with the distribution agent.

Click on this link to download and print a membership Application Form.

You can pay your membership fee by cheque or with cash at one of the group sessions or membership meetings.

Alternatively completed Application Forms can be posted with a cheque payment to

The Treasurer
16, Hazelwood Road,
Wigan, WN1 2 PE.

Before joining you can try out up to two separate sessions for free but after that you must join Wigan U3A as a member before attending more group sessions.

Group sessions may have additional costs which are usually covered by the attendees but many are free.

The U3A organise several trips during the year, the Outings page explain the costs of each trip in the description.

Some sessions require you to provide your own materials or equipment but the session leader can confirm this the cost beforehand.

Wigan U3A has reciprocal membership agreements with other local U3As so you may be able to take part in their events too for just the cost of the session or event.