Whitley Bay

News from our U3A .

We are pleased to announce that following the AGM we have a full committee, our u3a can continue to flourish with thanks to the members who have volunteered to work on the committee and to those in support roles.

We are still looking for members to help with the organisation of Whitley Bay u3a, so head to Join our committee page and see if you can help.

We have an appeal out for tiered cake plates
for our "25" celebrations. Look in the back of your cupboards for one!


  • Update from the Chairman regarding the 25th Anniversary Celebrations.

August 31st 2022 has been chosen for the celebration to tie it in with the u3a’s 40th Anniversary in September 2022 and will be held in the Linskill Centre. Further details will be given in due course.
Anyone not able to make this date and wishing for a refund please apply to the treasurer before May 30th

The u3a radio podcast has now launched on podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Google Podcasts. The episode can also still be listened to on our u3a YouTube channel, with captions.
In the January episode, the team discuss the Kindertransport learning initiative, talk to a member of u3a in Australia and hear about the milestone of 5,000 trees being planted in the u3a 40th anniversary wood.
Please do share this with your friends and, if you or a member of your u3a has a story to share with u3a radio, please get in touch. Click the link u3a radio podcast

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The Website Hits

Each month we record the number of hits the website gets, for the last 12 months we had a maximum of 49,303, this is up 100% from last Octobers of 25,000.

Every group we have, also has the number of hits recorded and at the next monthly meeting we are displaying the records so that you can be more informed of the use of the website.

If anyone is interested in assisting in editing of the website (training will be given) please let us know.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook page is growing strongly and now has 74 members. It is a closed group and members are those members of our u3a or even other u3a's and friends of us.
We are looking to increase our numbers and look forward to seeing you join.
Also, anyone wishing to become an admin. member is welcome by Jane Flowers and myself to help run the group. It doesn't take much time and we can help you if you are not sure of what to do.

  • If you would like to begin a new group, you can give the details to the Group Coordinators on the Group page and request members to contact them if interested.
*This month's Newsletter is available, please click the link to the side of the page.

To receive the full version of the Trust Newsletter, go to u3a.org.uk/email and sign up, there is no cost involved
The version on this page is a bite size edition

Also, we have April 22 Northumbria's Messenger Magazine for you to read, again click the link to the right.

New members needed for the following groups

  • Tai Chi 4. We are looking for two new members to join our Friday Tai Chi class.It is held in St Mary's church hall at 2pm. If you fancy a taster, just come along.
  • CANASTA. We need more members for this group which has restarted after COVID close down. The group now meet at Whitley Bay Library, still on Friday afternoon at 2.00 pm. The library operates within COVID regulations. A warm welcome awaits you.
  • Bridge Group Contact Ron and Trish. Every Wednesday at 1.30-4.00, except U3A meeting days, in the Kittiwake Pub, Claremont Road Whitley Lodge. There is ample parking and refreshments are available. I look forward to seeing present members again and would welcome new Bridge players to the group.

Reminder #
Entries for the next newsletter (15th August – 23rd September) should be sent to Ann at
wbu3anews@gmail.com by midday on Friday 12th August. Group leaders can send in entries at any
time during the month, as long as they arrive before the deadline.
You can also access the newsletter on our website at http://u3asites.org.uk/whitley-ba Click the bluebird to send a message.