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It is important that we maintain the recommendations on Social distancing as a result of the National Coronavirus crisis. It is therefore necessary for the Guardians Project to be put on hold. Until we can reinstate this important activity, the Guardians are willing to help any member, by phone, who is concerned about an issue with Cyber Security. As the situation worsens, many members who don't have local family and friends may also need to start on Line shopping for food. The Guardians are also willing to help you with this of they can. Remember, the Guardians are not experts but have had training on Cyber Security issues and will do what they can to help you. If you have a query that you need help with use the Guardians Link on Contact Page on the website, giving your name, contact telephone number and an outline of the query. One of the Guardians will contact you as soon as they can.

Do you need help staying safe on-lineDo you worry about being scammed on-line?
Are you concerned about malware?Are you confident that your password is secure?
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