White Cliffs Country


White Cliffs Country have two monthly meetings, each held on Wednesdays; one week we have an afternoon meeting and Talk from an external speaker, another week we have a coffee morning, often with a presentation by a charity or a U3A member. All are sociable events with time to get to know new U3A friends over a cuppa, as well as enjoying talks on a variety of subjects.

***As Coronavirus is restricting us at the moment we are are pleased to now offer talks and 'coffee mornings' on Zoom***

Sociability is as important as learning and we make sure that this shows in all that we do; it is very evident in the Special Interest Groups, which are developed and run by members themselves, choosing their own activities and how often they wish to meet. The list of options has grown considerably over the years and you can see all the existing groups by visiting the groups page on this website.

And a sociable highlight of the year is our March Spring Lunch, a ticketed event to which members may bring a guest if space allows.

We are also planning a series of day trips for the warmer months.

Dates for your Diary
Wed Nov 25th Meet and chat

25th November 10.30 (log onto Zoom from 10.15)

A chance to just get together without a speaker to chat with each other in smaller breakout rooms. The topic this week, if you need something to get us going is to discuss your favourite piece of music
Wed Dec 2nd Meet and chat

2nd December 10.30 (log onto Zoom from 10.15)

Another chance to get together without a speaker to chat with each other in smaller breakout rooms.
Suggested topic this week is childhood memories - things our grandchildren would never have heard of!

Christmas Coffee Morning and quiz

Meet on Zoom. You will be able to join a smaller group (as if around a coffee table) to meet each other, chat and answer the questions

So please grab a coffee and join us!

Doors 10.30, Talk 11.00
Wed Jan 6th 2021 Monthly talk

6th January 2021 at 2pm on Zoom (log on from 1.45)

Jenny Mallin - a grandmother's legacy

'Through a short and fascinating glimpse into the lives of my ancestors, we learn more about my own journey in the realisation that with both parents now elderly and frail, that the passing of their lives would mark the end of an era of those generations which went before me who were part of a chapter of British Indian history. This talk is truly inspiring for anyone who recognises the importance of preserving a family heritage, it's also an entertaining presentation in which we discover the ambitious lengths one would go in order to achieve the impossible and the outcome of one's efforts in a positive and delightful way. Serendipitious stories which reflect the journey from start to finish enhances this charming illustrative talk.'
Wed Feb 3rd 2021 Monthly talk

3rd February 2021 at 2pm on Zoom (log on from 1.45)

Alan Haines - Mad Musicians and Dancers

Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers is a celebration of the most bizarre music and dancing performers of the last 120 years. It features some archive photos and reveals the fascinating and almost unbelievable stories behind the most unusual musical acts.
Wed Mar 3rd 2021 Monthly talk

3rd March 2021 at 2pm on Zoom (log on from 1.45)

Philip Haines - From Barrow to Baghdad

Philip describes his career story:-

My talk begins with me leaving school . . .
I talk about how my career began as a chef and hotel manager.
My 17 years working the oil rigs in the North Sea.
Followed by operating projects in Algeria & Nigeria..
My time in Kazakhstan & Russia was particularly exciting.
Not to mention the most dangerous place of all . . . Baghdad.
My career culminated in Dubai where I ran an oil services company.
The talk is full of interest, anecdotes, humour, and inspiration
Wed Apr 7th 2021 Monthly talk

7th April 2021 at 2pm on Zoom (log on from 1.45)

Stephen Wells - The Curious Incident of Agatha Christie

On December 3, 1926 the then 36-year-old Christie left her home in Sunningdale and drove her Morris Cowley towards Surrey. The next morning the vehicle was found abandoned with a fur coat and a driving licence left inside.

Her disappearance sparked an extensive manhunt, with over 1,000 police officers and 15,000 volunteers searching for the author, as well as newspaper adverts urging any members of the public with information to come forward.

This fascinating talk looks in detail at what really happened and takes an in depth look at her most famous novels and examines the famous portrayals of her celebrated detectives Miss Jane Marple and the Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot.
Wed May 5th 2021 Monthly talk

5th May 2021 at 2pm on Zoom (log on from 1.45)

Sarah Slater - Working with the Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace

Sarah will talk about her experiences working with the ghosts at Hampton Court Palace. She gives a glimpse of what it is like to wander the galleries late at night on her own in the dark, and will lead us on an exploration of the history, stories and sightings of some of the ghosts of Hampton Court Palace that have been reported over the last few hundred years.

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