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Whitby whalers U3A's @ Castle Howard

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Whitby whalers U3A's Trip to Castle Howard

50 went, and 50 retuned safely, with smiling faces. It was a bright and sunny morning so everyone was in good spirits as we approached Castle Howard, where we received a very warm welcome .

The Christmas Masquerade Ball theme leads one through room to room, each impressively dressed to honour the Commedia dell'Arte entertainers such as Colombine, Pierrot and Harlequin with a Grande Piano twinkling in the background. Not to mention the open log fires and beautifully dressed Christmas trees. There were lots of places to eat. Staff eager to please at every corner.

Feedback from those who went was immediate and positive. We look forward now to 2020 when our next Travel Group excursion will be to Bowes Museum, at Barnard Castle on 26th February. Come and see us at the Coffee Morning."

Pam & Alan Boland.

See the / picture on this page