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Gardening Group News

Airy Hill School are transforming part of their school grounds into a 'Field Studies Centre'. Already having a number of wildlife habitats including woodland and scrub, they have been working with the wider school community, to increase the biodiversity and utility of the site. Our Whaler Gardening Group has played their part to help out.

Following a very interesting presentation by Paul Armstrong, a teacher at Airy Hill School, about their site and their plans to develop it into a resource for children the Gardening Group voted to donate some of their funds to the project. They decided that an orchard would be a suitable long term way of supporting the project.

A few Gardening volunteers had a very enjoyable afternoon working with year 4 to help them plant the trees and offer advice to the children as to how to look after the mix of apple, pear and cherry trees. They were a lively group of children who loved sharing their knowledge about nature with our gardeners while others relished getting very muddy while looking for worms.

The partnership of the school and our Gardening Group will continue as the site develops. Thanks also goes to Victoria Farm Garden Centre for their donation.

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