Whickham & District


Here you will find reports about recent events that have happened in Whickham and District U3A

Networking with Dunston U3A

On Tuesday May 21st 2019 a workshop called Working with Sea Glass was held at Bensham Grove Community Centre. There were 15 eager participants, but all a bit anxious as we didn't know what we were letting ourselves in to. It was a great workshop. The tutor called Jan provided all the materials ...there was so much to choose from. Then it was left up to our imaginations as to what we designed and materials we used to produce work of art.At least we thought it was. Everyone was pleased with their efforts and said what a relaxing time and that 'it was great'.

News from our Out and About Group

On Tuesday 7th May a much depleted “Out n About “ group set off from Whickham.
It was not an optimistic outlook as rain was forecast, and there was a chilly wind. Never the less the group had high hopes for the visit to Newbiggin on Sea . Sure enough the sun came out as we arrived, so we took advantage of the warmth and had a stroll along the promenade, viewing the “Couples” sculptures both out to sea, and the smaller versions by the footpath. We also noted the many ceramic tiles along the way.
After a reviving cup of coffee, and cheese scone, we headed to the church on the promontory. Sadly it was closed, but we passed an interesting half hour looking at the gravestones. Following the heritage trail into the town, we enjoyed yet more sunshine, though the wind continued to chill.
A brief stop at Boundary Mills, with another cuppa ( and cake!) before continuing back to Whickham. A most enjoyable day.

Tax, Care and Toy Boys - A Will Is Not Enough!
A summary of the talk given by Peter Sowerby at the main meeting on May 8th 2019

Preparing for the future involves more than just writing a Will. The right advice could help you protect what you’ve worked hard for, ensuring an inheritance for your loved ones.
Long-term care fees
The Introduction of the Care Act 2014 promised much, but a ‘Care Fees Cap’, expected in April 2016 and intended to limit an individual’s contribution towards their care fees at £72,000, has now been delayed until at least 2020. Many believe the Care Fees Cap will never materialise. Indeed former Care Minister, Norman Lamb, said upon hearing news of the delay:
“This is abandonment, not a delay. It would be naivety in the extreme to regard this as a delay”
Planning and protecting what you’ve worked hard for has never been more important.
Mental incapacity
If I had a pound for every time I have heard “I’ll make plans for this when I start feeling iffy”… Accident or illness can strike at any time and impairment of the mind shouldn’t just be associated with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. Without an Enduring or Lasting Power of Attorney in place, a long, complex, intrusive and expensive court process awaits your loved ones to gain control of your affairs.
What next?
Planning for the future requires far more than just writing a simple Will. If you fail to plan effectively, there could be little left to pass on. Members of U3A Whickham & District can receive further information or a free home consultation with me by simply calling Co-op Estate Planning on 0161 256 9042 and quoting U3A Whickham & District.

10th April 2019 was the AGM of Whickham and District U3A. Approximately 80 attended this meeting.
A report was given by the Treasurer...our finances are sound. The Treasurer explained in detail how the £15 annual fee is broken down and what monies are paid out on each members behalf.
Another report was given by the Membership Secretary. The membership is stable around 200. Over 30 new members were recruited last year, but of course others deciding not to rejoin for one reason or another eg the may have left the area.
The Chairperson then gave her report and thanked everybody for coming and also to all the Convenors for their hard work in running the individual Groups. The Chairperson had enjoyed her first year in this role. Lots of changes happening eg working more with Region, organisation of workshops, networking with other U3A branches in the area.
New Committee Members were also elected.

After all the business of the day was completed a very interesting talk was given by The Recycle Team of Gateshead Council. The do's and dont's of what you put into your recycle bin. This talk prompted many questions and observations. Everbody found it informative.