Whickham & District


Some of the Whickham and District Groups that are able to meet outside have recently started to re connect.
The Sight and Sound Group have been meeting via Zoom every week. They have also been ocassionally meeting outside.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

A few members of Whickham and District’s Sight and Sound Group had an eventful day in July 2020 at the Causey Arch near Stanley, Co. Durham, whilst filming for a project exploring the history of the area. Filming was being done using a drone, which was operated by our guest for the day and potential new member John.

Things were going quite well until suddenly John said,
“Oh dear, we’ve lost the pictures. I think the drone has hit a tree!”

The drone has a tracking system, so we had a rough idea where it had landed.
Unfortunately, the undergrowth around the Causey Arch was quite dense, so a search was proving difficult. After about an hour the drone was spotted down a very steep embankment leading down to the river. Arthur Coulson volunteered to climb down the steep slope and attempt to recover the drone. After a rather “exciting” climb down the embankment the drone was recovered and returned apparently undamaged, apart from missing one of its legs.

PLEASE SEE THE NEW AUTUMN NEWSLETTER 2020 FOR MORE INFORMATION. It is 8 pages long and has valuable information as to how Whickham and District U3A have been reconnecting and are reconnecting in the coming months Please click on the link Autumn 2020 Newsletter and it will take you directly to the page.