Monthly meetings are currently being held online due to Covid-19.
Login details are emailed to members who have provided an email address 24-48 hours prior to the meeting.

Monthly Meetings are normally held in the Memorial Hall on the 4th Thursday afternoon of every month. They start promptly at 14.00 and will normally finish by 16.00. The dates, speakers and topics for the coming months are detailed in 'Dates for your Diary' below.

  • January - November meetings: please arrive by 13:45 to sign in and get seated for a 2pm start.
  • Christmas Party: doors open at 2pm – please do not arrive earlier, you won’t get in!

For a small fee (£2.50 per meeting), visitors may attend two Thursday meetings (excluding the Christmas Party and AGM which are for Members only).

Members who require Carer support are welcome to bring their Carer to all meetings, including the Christmas Party and AGM.

Got an idea for a speaker?
If you have any suggestions for speakers, please contact our Speaker Coordinator – to send an email either click on the eagle above right or visit the Contact page, or chat at a Speaker Meeting.

Missed a meeting during lockdown? If so, catch up here:

  • 28 May 2020: Sandy Walkington - The Arc & Arc (St Albans and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society)
  • 25 June: Fools Gold - The Zoom Show, some of their favourite songs and the stories behind them
  • 27 August: Emma Williams: History of The Marie Curie Charity and it’s position during the Covid 19 pandemic
Dates for your Diary
Thu May 27th Paul Robbins - You've Never Had It So Good!
A nostalgic look back at society, culture, news, and music from the wonderful golden decade that was the 1950’s. Do you remember white £5 notes, rationing, trams, the festival of Britain, smog, and the third man film? If so, then this is the talk to bring back so many memories!

If you are too young to remember British Pathe News, Muffin the Mule, Ford Anglia cars or the wooden tops, then this very popular talk will explain much more about British society and how it changed so much in this decade. It will also explain how even to this day, the changes that took place in the 1950’s still have a very big impact on Britain today. Was this really a decade where life for ordinary people improved? Did people have better housing, health, and more money than they had ever had before? Was life really that much better than only a decade before? Finally, be prepared to roll back the carpets and be ready to dance to the music of this Golden era!

This meeting will be held online using Zoom - see email for information about using Zoom.
Meeting login details will be emailed to members by 26th May.
Thu Jun 24th A Year in the Life... Eve Regelous, Celebrity Agent
With a 25 year career as a theatrical agent, celebrity booker and event organiser, in this exciting talk, full of showbiz glitz and glamour, Eve takes you behind the scenes at these events and provides a personal insight into some of the many personalities she has worked with.

This meeting will be held online using Zoom - see email for information about using Zoom.
Meeting login details will be emailed to members by 22nd June.
Thu Jul 22nd Philip Caine - Barrow to Baghdad and back again
From chef and hotel manager to North Sea oil rigs. Then to Kazakhstan, Russia, Baghdad and Dubai. Philip is also the author of nine novels - so far! His talk is full of interest, anecdotes, inspiration and humour.

This meeting will be held online using Zoom - see email for information about using Zoom.
Meeting login details will be emailed to members by 22 July.
Thu Aug 26th Sarah Slater
Sarah is a qualified Guide Lecturer for Historic Royal Palaces at Hampton Court Palace.
Thu Sep 23rd Meet the Groups 2021
Displays by our U3A Groups for the interest of both U3A members and members of the public.
Thu Oct 28th Martin Attridge - The Cries of London
Featuring the Elizabethan treatment of the poor an the Poor Laws, peddlers, hawkers, tinkers and street trading. Old-time on-line selling depicting the poor through popular social art collecting, recent objects and memorabilia.
Thu Nov 25th TBA
Thu Dec 9th Your Committee presents Christmas!
Social even with food, wine and fun organised by the Committee. Save the date!