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July Newsletter

Happy July!

Happy JulyHappy Summer
Despite the vagaries of our British summers, your u3a doesn’t stop – well unless it really is too blinking hot to play croquet and go on a walk and it certainly was when the mercury hit an all-time high.
But we still have lots of news for you to read……..

Hello…. and welcome to the Games

Our chair is a woman of many talents. Tennis player, bowler, croquet ace and handbell ringer extraordinaire.
Now our Ann is off to Birmingham to say ‘Welcome’ to visitors to the Commonwealth Games as a volunteer. Games volunteer Ann
Ann is already an accomplished hand at this game – she volunteered at the Manchester and Glasgow Commonwealth Games, the London World Athletics, and the cherry on the cake – the 2012 London Olympics.
She has already got her ‘eye-catching’ uniform, complete with cap, and is raring to go, travelling in her trusty camper van and staying on a campsite near the Games.
She said: “At all these events I’ve been a driver taking ‘important people’ to and from hotel to stadia. At the Olympics I had to drive two members of Take That to the closing ceremony rehearsal!
“This time I asked for something different at my interview and was accepted as ‘Event Services’ based at the Squash venue at Birmingham University. So, I could be checking tickets, showing folk to their seats or even standing outside looking jolly, with a big hand pointing the way.”
Games Mascot Perry The hockey is also based at the same venue and the athletes are staying in the University Halls so she is hoping it will be a good base.
She added: “Not sure I shall be wearing the uniform again after the fortnight but at least we volunteers will be noticeable!’’

Why the Social Group was were asked to leave Astley Hall!

It was quite an eventful visit to Chorley’s newly restored gem. But it had an abrupt end.
Astley Hall Here’s Menna's hubby Mike's version of what happened.
“If, like many of our members, you remember visiting Astley Hall in years gone by, you will be inspired by its recent renovation. At Menna’s invitation, members of the Social Group have just been to find out. We were welcomed by Julie, who as one of the tour guides fitted the role perfectly, opening heavy doors with heavy keys, whilst controlling her intercom with ease.
However, the renovations were clearly not intended to oust the ghosts and gremlins, because within minutes of our being introduced to the former residents by way of the numerous portraits in the grand hall, they set off the fire alarm.
Julie blamed the contractors still working at the rear of the building, which we swallowed and obviously trouped outside. When peace was restored and we were again concentrating on lineage, the alarm sounded once more, and this time could not be stopped. At this stage, we all retired to the Café Ambio for a coffee.
When we returned the following week, all went well and Julie settled down to remind us of the family trees. After a while she detected that this would suffice as our recommended mental exercise for the day and wisely decided that the requisite stair- climbing to the uppermost regions of the hall would be best tackled now rather than later, and so began our tour of the rooms slowly, descending to the ground floor.
Julie continued to demonstrate her guiding skills, showing excellent knowledge of each area, pointing out the decorative, architectural and interesting artefacts.
All in all, this was an interesting, informative experience, helped by a good guide in enjoyable company. The Hall itself has benefitted from very successful renovation and restorative work of which Chorley should be proud.
You don’t have to have a tour guide, just go and see for yourself.

Rohit and Harsha’s pit stop

Pit Stop,Over you go,A walk in the shade

The walking group took to the byways and footpaths of Withnell and Abbey Village. But instead of flask of tea and a jam buttie they were treated to a veritable feast when Rohit and his wife Harsha provided refreshments in their beautiful garden.
No doubt that route will be on several walks in the future!

UFOs in Withnell Fold

The Martians haven’t landed, it’s the craft group at it again.
Crafty cards Following on from their tea bag session, the members went on to turn them into these attractive card – who would have thought your morning cuppa could be turned into these. Other members took their UFOs – Unfinished Objects – and one of them finished these Super socks wonderful, colourful socks.

Rusty Rackets and Guitars

A shout out for Rusty Rackets from Ann as her original Rustys are now well oiled and most of them playing happily at the club’s sessions.
So, anyone who wants to start playing again - or even those who have never played - come along at 11.30am on Thursdays for an hour’s fun session. There are spare rackets, balls, a ball machine and Ann to help and encourage - so no excuses. The clubhouse will also be open for tea/coffee before or after if needed. What are you waiting for?
For something less energetic there is a new Beginners Guitar course starting in September. There are some spare guitars to start you off. A new hobby for the Winter months? Have a look at the website for more details and to send a message to the guitar group.

A date with Abba

Come on you Dancing Queens and Super Troupers – what better way to get in the festive mood than with a bit of Abba.
Menna our outings co-ordinator has managed a coup – a themed Mamma Mia dinner with entertainment at the Mercure Dunkenhalgh Hotel, Clayton-Le-Moors for Friday, November 25.
The cost is £37 per person and includes a mince pie and a tipple on arrival, 55 minutes of entertainment and of course a festive lunch.
But it is first come first serve and there are only 15 places. Contact Menna on the Social Group Link on the website.

Don’t struggle…

We can reserve a parking spot right next to the clubhouse for those finding it difficult to walk up. Just let us know.

Did you know…

Our WPVU3A is fast developing a great reputation.
At a recent Regional Conference in Preston, we were described as a small u3a which is very friendly. But we all knew that already!

Newsletter update

As the compiler of the newsletter I, and I know many of you, suffer the frustrations of its format. It is difficult to put together and often hard to read on a mobile phone with small pictures.
I am working on improving the look of the newsletter and hopefully will be able to bring a new, all singing, all dancing version very soon. So please keep reading.
That’s all for this month folks – enjoy the rest of the summer.