West Pennine Villages

January Newsletter



Well January has started with a lot of people walking a lot of miles.
Maria’s Marathon Challenge is well underway and this year it has gone international, national and local.
The Challenge started on January 3 and the aim is to walk a mile a day. Twenty five people have signed up and are logging their mileage and observations from their walks.
So, here are a few highlights so far.
Some of the places where people are walking:
The Cayman Islands (yes we are all jealous!), Chatsworth, Saffron Walden, Lytham, Bristol, Kirkby Lonsdale, Liverpool.

Beautiful Bristol, Definitely not Withnell Fold!, Wonderful Whalley, Kirkby Lonsdale

There are also lots of reasons for walking: Site seeing, shopping, dog walking, taking out grandchildren, visiting an exhibition and nipping to B&Q for a shower head!

Pretty in pink, Sunny scene, Atmospheric Withnell

Birds and animals spotted along the way: Deer, a gold crest, a pheasant, hens and a rare North American Belted kingfisher.

Cheeky chappie, Rare sighting

Walkers are uploading lots of lovely scenes from pink trees, an atmospheric night scene in Withnell Fold and plenty of local landmarks.
Mostly the weather has been kind although it was ‘big coat’ weather on several days. There has been wind, rain, a smattering of snow and even some bright winter sunshine to guide our walkers along their treks.
Last year’s Challenge totalled 1,417 miles – and this year, after just over a week, the walkers had already notched up 605 miles which would have taken them to just south of Paris! Where will they end up in 2022?
A huge thanks to Maria for dreaming up the Challenge, for logging the miles and for giving everyone lots of encouragement.
Watch out for Maria’s full report once the Challenge finishes at the end of the month.


Everyone should have had notification of the AGM on February 9.
Committee nominations need to be in by February 2.
There will be more details to follow re the meeting.


Unfortunately, January’s speaker meeting had to be postponed because of the rise in the new Covid variant.
However, February’s meeting will hopefully go ahead.
It will be by Pauline Miller who works for Medical Detection Dogs whose work centres around the extraordinary olfactory senses which dogs have which can be used in detecting illness and disease at an early stage in humans.
The talk will be on February 2, more details to follow from Mike.