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STOURBRIDGE U3A support their town in the Britain in Bloom competition

On a cold Spring morning we met to clear the area and prepare for new planters to brighten our Town of Stourbridge. We had announced at one of our meetings that we would like to support the organisers of the Stourbridge Britain in Bloom Competition and very quickly we had a list of volunteers and formed a merry band who turned out in all weathers and at some very early starts for planting and watering.
The organisers gave us a street to take care of by the bus station and so Foster Street became 'ours'. There were large concrete planters and barrier baskets on the railings, plus hanging baskets to plant, water and take care of. The containers had to be emptied of old compost and refilled, then we planted up in two sessions. One session with sustainable plants (these will be left and used again) and one with the bedding plants only lasting for one season, but creating a real show. The whole street needed to be weeded around the pedestrian areas as it had become somewhat unloved. This took an awful lot of hours on our hands and knees scraping and removing weeds. The finished effect was really something to be proud of, so many people stopped and thanked us for our efforts and the organisers assured us it has never looked as good.
We are really pleased to have not only raised the U3A profile but been of service to our Town.
The photographs are of the team replacing the compost and just before the judging day and our 'stall' on the day.


Timewise Traveller - A History of People and World Events 1066 - 1901


This unique work by Derek J.P Waldie covers not only political history but also – running alongside and in equal depth – the development of all the major disciplines, such as Literature, Music, the Visual Arts, the Sciences, Medicine, Philosophy, Exploration and Invention. And all these branches of knowledge can be isolated and placed in chronological order.

The Guide (via the Menu Page) explains how the traveller makes his or her way through the eight hundred turbulent but highly formative years from the Norman Conquest to the death of Queen Victoria. If, hopefully, you find the work of sufficient value, please let your students know that it can be researched free of charge. I am hoping that, apart from using it as a general reference, they will come to understand, by travelling through history, the wider sense of that word: a chronological appreciation of mankind’s development over the entire range of human endeavour.