West Midlands U3A Region



News is very welcome from Networks or U3As
Let us know what is happening, let the website help or promote your events
Have you any Workshops, Study Days, Open Days, Research, Events - or just something you would like to celebrate?

Do so by clicking Webmaster on the Contacts page



• Have you recently looked at your Constitution to check if it is 'fit for purpose'. U3As that have Committee members who can serve long term should think about the drawbacks, since new people coming forward leads to new ideas and this increases the vibrancy and long term viability of your U3A.

• Most U3As in the WM Region are now in a Network. However there are quite a few U3As who do not belong to a Network, or never go to a meeting. You will be surprised at what you learn!

• Do some of your interest groups have waiting lists? If so, it means you are not conforming to Charity Commission Law. Do get in touch - we are only too happy to help and support such U3As and maybe start a new U3A to alleviate the problem.

• Do induct all your new Committee Members and get them to sign the 'Trustee Code of Conduct' and 'Declaration of Eligibility documents'.



  • Special Anniversaries

Is your U3A celebrating a special anniversary? Please contact the Trustee as the NEC would like to be able to acknowledge these by sending an anniversary card

  • Is your Logo legal?

The official U3A logo changed in 2019 and is on the national website. Please check to ensure that yours is legal.

  • Grants

A grant of £250 is available for ‘showcasing’ your U3A to the public. Many U3As hold an Open Day Event when the general public can see what U3A is all about and thereby hope to attract new members.
£500 Grant is available if you wish to have a stand at an Exhibition or Agricultural Show etc
Application to National Office
Discretionary Grants - apply to the WM Region Trustee