West Midlands U3A Region

U3A Plus

U3APlus aims to help, support and advise U3As to ensure that all their members can access the informal learning and the many activities in their U3As, regardless of impairment or disability.

Can your hearing-impaired members enjoy an open meeting with a good speaker? Do you insist your speakers use the audio system?

Have you checked that any member with a mobility problem eg: wheelchair or frame user, can get into the meeting place easily?

Is the lighting good and signage clear at your meetings for those with sight impairments?

These are some of the problems for disabled and impaired members that should be considered for every meeting but do not always come to mind.

U3As need to be aware of the problems our members and potential members may experience whether age related or not. With a little thought and planning, they can ensure that participation is available because access problems have been addressed.

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Before you book a venue – please check the following:-

1. Is it accessible by wheelchair? What exit arrangements are in place in case of emergency evacuation?
2. Are there disabled toilets?
3. Is there a working Hearing Loop, that you know how to use?
4. Is there good lighting in the rooms being used?
5. Is there parking near the entrance for those with limited mobility?

Thank you – this will help make your event accessible to ALL your members.