West Midlands Region

Projects under discussion

These research and Shared learning projects are in planning at present

We are dependent on partner organisations and so while we hope these will come to fruition, you will need to check back and see how plans have progressed.

Family History Through Photography
With Royal Holloway and Leeds universities: looking into photographs from earliest times to the present day, to detect the changing ways that family life is depicted, and how to use photographic clues like fashion and furnishings to give a date to your family snaps.

Identifying film clip copyright, for the BFI
A completely online activity open to all – no background knowledge of film is needed. Using a set clickable list of sources, help to try and identify who holds the copyright of a series of ‘orphan’ films on many different subjects. A bit like family history, but applied to film archives.

Voices Through Time with the Coram Foundation
The earliest, most fragile texts from the Coram Foundling Hosppital collections need to be transcribed into digital format. Using a standard online format, so no need to worry about saving or sending your work. Excellent for family history and social history as 18th century foundlings often became 'apprenticed' into regional textile mills, taking their names and identities into new areas.