West Cheshire Rural

Welcome to West Cheshire Rural u3a

WCRu3a is a small, friendly group formed in April 2010 and although we meet in Tattenhall we serve villages in rural west Cheshire such as Burwardsley, Christleton, Farndon, Huxley, Huntington, Malpas, Tarvin and Waverton amongst others.

We are a group of individuals of varied backgrounds and interests, who are no longer in full-time employment. This means we have some leisure time that we wish to enjoy in the company of others, pursuing hobbies or interests or engaging in activities that are quite new to us.

We would love you to join us!

Where do we meet?
Our general meetings are held at the Barbour Institute, High St. Tattenhall CH3 9PX
We meet at 2pm on the third Thursday of each month.

What do we offer?
A monthly meeting usually involves a speaker with talks on a wide range of subjects. It is at these meetings we meet old friends and make new ones in a relaxed atmosphere. See Events page.

Can I have a taster session before I join?
The committee has recently agreed to a change in the policy around potential new members joining a taster session to see what we do before they join our u3a. This change allows attendance at an interest group meeting in addition to the monthly meeting.
Attendance is subject to a few conditions which are outlined below:

  • The new policy allows a prospective member to attend up to 3 taster sessions, including two at monthly meetings and one at an interest group.
  • A prospective members attendance at an interest group is at the discretion of the group leader
  • There must be space for the prospective member to join the group, we need to set the right expectations. There is no point in giving someone a taster session for a group that is full.
  • The prospective member would make a contribution at a monthly meeting of £2 to contribute to the cost of the speaker. This would be offset against their membership fee should they subsequently join
  • For a taster group session, a prospective member would contribute to any group costs for that day such as venue hire.
  • The name of the visitor must be recorded with Mike Woollard, the groups co-ordinator.

From April 1st each member will be charged £1 admission to the monthly meeting in order to defer ongoing costs and increased expenses

Even if you cannot attend the monthly meeting but wish to become involved in an Interest group you can still join our u3a.

We offer a range of Interest groups. See Activities page.

It is one of the tenets of u3a that Group Convenors (co-ordinators) are drawn from the membership and that Interest group members should also be members of u3a

How much does it cost?
Our annual subscription remains at £15. This is payable on April 1st for the following year.

How can you join us?
Please click on the link How to join us for more information.