West Bridgford

U3A Anthem - conference

772 U3A Anthem

How many times did you say in your youth
You’d never be old and grey
You said you’d never shirk and you’d never give up work
And retirement seemed a million miles away
But the time has come a round, yes and very soon you’ve found
You need a way to keep old age at bay
The answer my friend is join a U3A
The answer is join a U3A

How many groups can you fit in a week?
Five, six or maybe even more
You’ve joined Astronomy and you’ve traced your family tree
Played Bridge, chess and learned to paint and draw
You can walk, dance and sing and do almost anything
Why don’t you get the time to mop the floor?
The answer my friend is you joined a U3A
The answer is you joined a U3A

How many times do you think to yourself
The garden needs a weed and a dig
The fridge needs a clean ‘cos the cheese is turning green
And the pile of ironing’s looking rather big
You need to clean the loo but you have better things to do
And what the hell – you couldn’t give a fig
The reason my friend is you’ve joined a U3A
The reason is you joined a U3A

Yes, the answer my friend is you joined a U3A
You joined the BRILLIANT West Bridgford U3A