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SfE Presentations

Material from previous presentations will be made available here

This includes video and text if these are available.

Meeting 27-08-2021: Joe Colls gives an update on The New Space Race.
Video: SfE video 27-08-2021

Meeting 25-06-2021: Clive Mitchell talks about The Pebble Spotter's Guide
Video: SfE video 25-06-2021
Article: No stone unturned (Published in the Guardian)

Meeting 28-05-2021: Dr Julian Onions tells us about Crazy Interstellar Rockets.
Video: SfE video 28-05-2021

Photo: Eagle - Space 1999 Eagle spacecraft from the TV series Space 1999 as mentioned during the talk. Photo provided by one of our members.

Meeting 30-04-2021: Leigh Edwards talks about SETI the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence and investigates the Drake equation.
Video: SfE video 30-04-2021
Slides: SfE slides 30-04-2021

Meeting 26-03-2021: Professor James Miller talks about Fascinating Forensic Chemistry.
Video: SfE video 26-03-2021

Meeting 26-02-2021: Professor David Cook tells us about brewing.
Video: SfE video 26-02-2021

Meeting 29-01-2021: Bill Lockley talks about the relationship between science and truth.
Video: SfE video 29-01-2021

Meeting 27-11-2020: Tony Wilson gives an introduction to what chemical engineers do, together with some insights into how the role has developed in parallel with on-going advances in science and technology.
Video: SfE video 27-11-2020

Meeting 31-07-2020: John Shaw of the University of Nottingham talks about poisons and how they work. From hemlock to Novichok and an even more potent poison in daily use in the UK today.
Video: SfE video 31-07-2020