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Update 25th August

Central Office have provided guidance on restarting groups which can be found in the side bar.

Update 29th August 2020

To find out what various groups are doing during the pandemic, take a look at The Group News, by clicking on the sidebar link.

March 2020

For the duration of the Pandemic all* West Bridgford U3A groups, trips, activities and holidays are suspended, cancelled or postponed. A number of groups are hoping to continue online, via video conferencing or e-mail. Suggested methods will be posted here and further advice on how to use them can be requested from our IT helper. Suggestions include Skype, WhyPay, Zoom, WhatsApp & Microsoft Teams, there may be others.

Here you will find links to guides to tools that will help you stay in touch and connected with your friends, family and U3A.

Reference to these products/services do not constitute endorsement or imply recommendation by the Third Age Trust.

Advice changes frequently and rapidly, and we request that all members follow the latest government advice which can be found at GOV.UK

Please pass this information on to those you know who do not have electronic devices for receiving/accessing information, including group leaders.

The Third Age Trust is setting up a shared learning project ‘Living History in Unprecedented Times’
U3A members are being asked to help craft a shared learning project where they create living history of this extraordinary time. This project is a living history of members’ experiences during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. We are currently living through an unprecedented period, due to the coronavirus and everyone’s daily lives are being affected. The situation is impacting on people in lots of different ways and you will all have your own experiences, thoughts and reflections on what this time is like for you and how it is affecting you, both on a practical and on a psychological level.
We would really like to capture all of this as part of a UK wide living history project.

Various walks and publications are accessible on the sidebar

Patrick Armstrong has provided some shortish walks for us, as of today 14th August we have 9 walks to choose and try.

Coronavirus issue No. 19 is available, 14th August 2020, produced by Pam our newsletter editor.

U3A Newsbites has been added, this is provided by our regional group

New U3A Film - Life in Lockdown

During this difficult period, the movement is finding ways to keep in touch, keep learning and stay connected. This isn’t a time to celebrate but National Office do want to reflect the amazing ways members have adapted to the pandemic. This film is only a snapshot – there are so many members doing so many great things it couldn’t include everyone – but it does showcase the shared endeavour that is the U3A movement.
Click on the link in the sidebar to go to this 7 minute film, subtitles are available.