Information and Training

During 2015 and early 2016 a sub-committee wrote and collated information that is useful for running Wessington U3A and for the training of committee members. The information is available in paper form in a single printed folder and the information that is available in electronic form is also available below. Click the highlighted links to view and, if you wish, to print the information.

The information is divided into four sections as shown here: Contents - All Sections (one page)

Section 1 (15 pages)
This section contains a detailed Table of Contents. The start of the section is a reprint of the National (Third Age Trust) Principles. The following sections were written by Wessington members and are specific to Wessington U3A.

Section 2 (one page list)
National Advice and Guidance

Section 3 (one page list)
National Reference Documents

Section 4- Other Documents
"U3A AND YOU ..." - copies of this can be obtained from the Secretary.
"More Time to Learn" (48 pages) - click the link
"The Essential Trustee" (39 pages) - click the link


The information above is presented in pdf format. All original information was written using Microsoft Word. If the original needs to be updated please contact Peter Barnett for a copy of the Word version.